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Posted by Martin Landberg on 12/20/2013 at 3:46 AM

Internet securityIf you’re a traveling looking to get technical on the way, then here are some tips on traveling with a computer (as well as other electronics).  It can be stressful enough to travel around internationally (or even locally, for that matter), but add in a few thousand dollars worth of tech gear and you’ll probably be even more nervous!

First things first!

Back Up Your Hard Drive

Do this before you leave.  If you’re bringing your laptop, then back it up to an external hard drive first.  Don’t just back it up on the same hard drive – this is purely to prevent data loss in the event that your laptop is stolen (which is a real possibility).  You will be very sad if you get your laptop stolen AND lose valuable data.  That happened to me once and it was quite the lesson learned.

Protect Your Computer Against Hacking

Ensure that you have a good antivirus software tool, as well as other malware removal tools.  You never know what networks are like where you will be staying, and sometimes in order to get on the internet you will be required to use an unsecure network connection.  If you cover your bases and use good anti-malware programs such as this one from Enigma software, then you should be good to go.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance against theft might be a good idea if you’re traveling with a large amount of stuff, or stuff that is worth a lot.  Usually I don’t do this, but if you’re the extra cautious type then you might be interested in this sort of thing.

Make Use Of The Hotel Safe

If you have a safe in your room, why not stow your laptop and other electronics in there to prevent tempting the staff?  Electronics are the biggest things to get stolen in other countries because they can sell for so much.

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