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Traveling For The First Time?

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Posted by Martin Landberg on 09/27/2012 at 10:14 PM

If you’re traveling for the first time then you might want to look into some Iphone apps that might ease your way.


Get the best prices on tickets – and it’s free!  I love the Kayak app.  It’s fun to just dream sometimes…finding ticket prices for places I want to go.  But it’s also quite useful.


Not quite used to this app yet, but it seems really cool in theory – you can organize all of your notes into one place that is stored on the cloud – access it from all of your devices.

Google Translate

So good, and so helpful.  Fast, and easy to use.  Intuitive as well, like most Google products.

Award Wallet

If you’re like me, you find keeping track of all of your rewards programs to be a complete pain in the neck.  Well, this app attempts to help with that, helping you to organize all of your awards programs into one space.  It’s extremely helpful for those of us that have about 1200 rewards programs.  It’s easier to rewards now that you know what you’re working towards and what your status is.

J Wire

Find wireless hotspots on your map – extremely helpful when you have to hop on the internet.


Passbook apparently isn’t ready yet, but once you can use it you’ll be able to put things like your airline tickets on there.  This means less to juggle when you’re traveling.  Now if I could only put my ID on there…


The new Maps feature in IOS 6 is kind of controversial.  However I have to say that the new font is really nice on the eyes.  There’s also a flyover feature that seems to be kind of cool – but I’m not sure how useful it is in practice.


Integration with Facebook means that you can post all about your travels to your friends and family.  Just be careful that you don’t make them too jealous.

App Store

Search the app store for apps on your destination.  For example, if you’re going to New York City, a subway map app could save you a lot of time.  It makes getting around the city easy.  It’s worth the $2 nominal fee that the app costs.


Just do it.  Instagram is the latest and greatest in the microblogosphere.  Once you get a group of followers it’s much more fun.  Just keep posting and interacting and it will happen!


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1 Comment

  • On 05/11/2013 at 7:41 AM Rich said

    This is а topic that’s near to my heart… Many thanks! Exactly where are your contact details though?


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